Pashk Pervathi

Pashk Pervathi was born in the village of Manati near the city of Lezhe. His passion for painting goes back to his childhood. After completing courses at the Art Academy in Tirana, he worked as an art teacher and painted landscapes

Pashk studied monumental painting at the Arts Academy in Tirana from 1986 until 1990, all while continuing his landscape painting and participating in several national exhibits.

Since 1990, he has attended several national and international events and was named the director of the Lezha Art Gallery and member of the National Council for Radio and Television (1999 - 2004). Pervathi has sold his paintings to collectors all over the world. His original landscape, “Autumn in Manati". It is now display at the Museum of Art and History of the city of Ceuta in Spain. Pervathi was the winner of the National Award "Abdurrahim Buza" in 2010, and the winner of "CULT" award, granted by the CULT Academy as the visual artist of the year in 2011. Pashk has participated in numerous solo and group shows in Albania and throughout Europe.