Using mostly oil or, on occasion, acrylics or watercolors, Bruce Cascia paints in a photo-realistic style that borders on hyperrealism. Referring to his technique, Cascia notes, “most of the time I paint from a photograph, but I’ve done watercolors on location. They lend themselves to quick completion, so that you’re done before the light changes.” Bruce is primarily known for his oil painting, however, and his skill in that medium is apparent. 

Drawn to the freedom of the open road and to images that evoke a sense of nostalgia, Bruce’s initial paintings were of solitary diners, truck stops, and motorcycles all placed in dramatic vistas of the American Southwest. Through his paintings, Bruce captures urban and rural scenes that reflect his perspective of American life and allow others a glimpse of isolated moments in time. His efforts to elevate these mundane or forgotten elements of the “painting subject” is a way to preserve on canvas that which may eventually be lost or torn down.