SmithKlein Gallery offers an eclectic mix of high quality art from artists that are local, national and international. Predominately featuring large paintings and sculpture in various styles, SmithKlein Gallery curates an experience and ambiance that attracts both major collectors, first-time art buyers and everyone in between.


Trained by renowned artists Wayne Thiebaud and Roland Petersen at UC Davis in the 1980’s, Deladier’s work marries the restrained quality of Thiebaud’s sleek style with Petersen’s gestural brushwork, and is inspired by other Bay Area artists including David Park, Elmer Bischoff, and Richard Diebenkorn.  
Deladier creates views of rural landscapes using techniques reminiscent of his teachers Thiebaud and Petersen. 
While systematically planning and building his compositions, he cedes control during the painting process, allowing the picture to reveal itself as he works rapidly and improvisationally to portray the color relationships and the geometric arrangements of the landscape. Full of vitality and texture, his work is known for its vibrant colors and gestural brushstrokes.
Navigating between abstraction and figuration, with a rich palette and luscious brushwork, Deladier infuses vitality into each of his subjects, which range from portraits to scenes of contemporary life to brilliantly observed landscapes. His images of California and Tuscany, depicted from a bird's-eye view achieved by flying over those regions in helicopters, small planes and drones, are alive with movement and rhythm.



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