Karen Scharer

Karen Scharer’s paintings begin as a series of loose glazes of color. As shapes and impressions emerge, she applies layers of transparent and opaque paint to further develop the structure, design, and the impact of each piece. Her technique produces an infinite variety of hues and effects that could not be achieved solely by mixing color on a palette. The interplay of contrast and movement, texture and balance, shape, line, and color create images that draw the viewers in, inviting them to see not just with their eyes but also with the heart. 

Inspiring a response is a critical part of her paintings. The artist writes, "Through painting, my ideas and visions become tangible, providing a language to encourage, share, inspire, and uplift. Each painting evolves as if it were a conversation between old friends... sometimes lighthearted and joyful, sometimes contentious or troubling. As a result, every painting is as individual as the moment in which it was created."