Wes Glebe started making jewelry when he was very young. From the time he was in grade school, he was already experimenting with leather and metal work. For fun, he would stay after school to learn casting techniques from his wood shop teacher who happened to be the son of a jeweler.


Wes likes to push the boundaries when it comes to design. His background in art has instilled in him the awareness that any object can become ornament or adornment. It doesn’t have to be precious in order to become part of his personal language. His reason for using titanium is not for its high-fashion aspect, though some like this attribute, but because it’s an exciting material to work with, especially when he combines it with other metals.


Christine Bailey, Wes’ wife and business partner comes from Norfork in England. She had her own jewelry line for 12 years, and this gave her the ability to discuss, appreciate and understand the work her husband does.  Christine serves as the computer guru and general business and office wizard.


The current Wes & Gold jewelry line incorporates many traditional techniques with new ideas. The engineer in Wes appreciates the cold connections, such as riveting and wrapping, in his work.



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