Todd Reed Inc. had it's official start in 1992. Immediately recognized for his daring designs and bold use of materials, Todd Reed Inc. began a long climb to success. Since the beginning, Todd has been a part of every process involved in the studio. Right relationship with the earth, people and our natural and social environment as a whole are at the heart of all decisions within the company. All of Todd's pieces are hand fabricated in his Colorado studio. The gold used in Todd's work is recycled and all of the diamonds are purchased through reputable sources including many eco-friendly locations.

While boasting many achievements over the last 15 years, Todd Reed Inc. is most well-known for successfully bringing artistic appeal to the field of fine jewelry through his innovative use of raw diamonds. Todd has become a mainstay in cutting-edge design with a reputation for obtaining the most unique diamond specimens in the world and setting them in an award winning signature style.

“I have always felt that if I stay true to my vision, keep the relationships real, and keep the art exciting then the sales will come” says Todd. “I will keep making the designs that work for me and fortunately, they are good for our customer too. A trend or fashion does not alter my vision or design aesthetic.”



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