Peter Burega works in oil on panel. Mercurial by nature and obsessed with process, he turns out increasingly thoughtful, wildly expressive, and ultimately sophisticated paintings. He states, “Although my work is abstract, it develops from my experience and interaction with the land.” His work reflects moments taken from daily life, dreams, experiences, and visual impressions. His paintings are studies of the environment – light, shadow, reflection – all influence his work. 


Highly inspired by nature and the play of light on both water and land, Burega invites every individual to take their own message from his paintings. “Although I would like the viewer to experience the volume of motion and light that occurs in a piece, I still strive to have them bring their own interpretation to the stories I tell about the places I have been,” explains Burega.


Burega is self-taught. While living in Los Angeles working as an attorney he started painting after experiencing Mexican painter Victor Hugo Zayas’ work. Obsessed with the notion of abstract landscape and Zayas’ interpretation of abstract expressionism, Burega started on his path. He paints only with trowels, scrapers and knives, layering and building on the board to create the lush surface texture in his work. He seldom picks up a paintbrush except to finish or glaze a surface.


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