Lyudmila Agrich grew up by the Black Sea in the beautiful city of Odessa in the Ukraine. As a child, Lyudmila's parents always encouraged her in her creative expressions. As a result, she spent several years in music school and the school of fine arts for children. Later, Lyudmila went to Architectural school and received a bachelor's degree in Architecture and Fine Arts. She practiced architecture for a few years in the Ukraine and later in the USA (starting in 1992), however, in 2001, she quit architecture and decided to became a professional artist.  

Lyudmila uses a palette knife in order to create bold, bright, and powerful images of nature, still lifes, and people. Her style is expressionistic impressionism. Lyudmila has adopted a painting method called “Alla Prima” or “All at Once” meaning once she sits down at her canvas, she won’t leave it until it’s finished. She wants her paintings to speak the language of human emotions and feelings, and by painting “Alla Prima” Lydumila infuses her own emotion and feelings into her works.

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