Capturing the essence of life through the colorful innocence of animals is what inspires Linda and brings her joy. She says, "Animals are so in the moment, simple and direct. They are pure consciousness. She paints the peaceful, unconditional and simple souls of animals. Linda has been inspired since she was just three years old, when she first started drawing.

Using an array of vibrant colors, Linda approaches her portraits like the subjects themselves playfully uninhibited. Her techniques of painting on a large canvas, her use of color and light and the glazing of acrylic create a deep connection to Self. Linda believes that through art, human growth can be both expressed and seen. Art is a unique visual translation of the feelings created in response to the world around us. She finds it no accident that animals are drawn to her. Linda studied painting at the University of Colorado-Boulder before moving to New York to study interior design. While in school, Linda painted numerous murals for private businesses.

Linda states, "Inspired by my love of animals, I paint to express a deep connection to Self, recognizing the beauty of this earth and to share my joy of color with others", Seeing an animal's true essence and painting from a sacred place deep within myself is how I give my paintings a Soul. Using my intuitive knowing is what allows me to capture their Spirit in my paintings. I am inspired and moved everyday by my contact with animals. Their wonder, joy, innocence and love is what reminds me of staying in celebration of life.

As I open more to who I am I allow a greater expression of Self to come into Being. Painting is an expression of my True Self that I celebrate each day.


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