Our jewelry is sculpture in a diminutive scale whose full significance is revealed when it is worn on the body. We embrace the challenge of making work which is light and comfortable, yet powerful in scale and concept. We are inspired and impassioned by the bold abstract paintings of Rothko and Miro’, by the myriad and bizarre forms of cacti, and the architecture of Santiago Calatrava. We make bold, dynamic forms, which create a bridge between shapes whose roots are organic and those which are based more on architecture and geometry.

The tactile aspect of our work has as much importance as it’s visual appeal and so we make pieces with variegated textures and dappled surfaces which are pleasing to touch, and small hollows for the fingers to rest in. This tactile quality is also expressed in our pleasure with making secure, smoothly operating mechanisms and catches which are fully integrated into the design of the piece.

We also incorporate motion into our work, which gives the pieces spontaneity and an element of humor. Our world and its art sizzles and pops like a staccato string of firecrackers, flashing and furious. It’s exhilarating and wondrous and we strive to contain and sustain these current spicy vapors in a vessel forged from the experience and tradition of antiquity.



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