Since 1984 SmithKlein Art Gallery has been Boulder’s premier fine art gallery. Located on the historic Pearl Street Mall, the 2800 square foot gallery exists to provide enrichment through art. Smithklein carries some of the most distinguished artists in the country. There is such a wide variety of artists and styles that one never tires of exploring the different media, from paintings and large sculptures to art jewelry and glass.

Lyudmila Agrich | Burgundy Dusk | 48 x 60 | Oil on Canvas

An Urban Palette

Lyudmila Agrich replaced her painting brush with palette knife in order to create bolder, brighter, and powerful images of cityscapes and landscapes. Her style is expressionistic impressionism. She is not looking for a new style or new techniques to shock or amaze people. The main focus is to capture intimate moments in ordinary life.

Carved Patterns

Michael Bauermeister approaches wood as a canvas.  By using the texture that results from hand carving wood and by emphasizing this pattern through new finishing techniques Michael has developed he can emulate the textures found in nature.  These undulating wood panels are carved, sometimes turned, and finished with layers of tinted lacquer which is partially sanded away before the piece gets a final stain and many coats of clear finish.  The panel is not quite flat but usually has the flowing quality of draped fabric or the surface of the sea.

Michael Bauermeister | Dance Language | linden, tinted lacquer | 41 x 72
New Works
Janis Kerman
Belgin Yucelen | Man and the Horse | 19 x 11 x 4 | Bronze