Warren-CullarWarren Cullar opened his first gallery as a senior in college, receiving a BFA in 1965. After a short career in a commercial ad agency and later as an advertising director in a large department store, he moved to Mexico to study art at the Instituto Allende in San Miguel de Allende in Guanajuato. The art and color of Mexico is evident throughout the art he has produced during his career. Within a couple of years and with an MFA degree under his belt, he received a teaching contract from Hardin Simmons University. Shortly after, he opened the art department at Western Texas College acquiring 8 years as a college art instructor. Soon after, he became a full time artist.

Warren started his art career by selling his hand-pulled stone lithographs and watercolors. He also found his way as an adventure artist with scientific expeditions to Peru, Brazil, Venezuela, Spain, and Eater Island, to name a few of the 36 countries stamped in his passport. In the early 90s he built an 840 sq. ft. painting studio on the back of his wooded property and took up acrylic painting, then proceeded to produce hand-pulled serigraphs and soft-ground etchings. He was awarded a bronze commission piece as well. Although he had studied bronze casting in Mexico in the late 60’s, it was years before he found that bronze sculpture was best suited to his nature.

The new commitment to the direction of making sculpture inspired Warren to build a second studio next to the painting studio. Warren has been a professional artist for 31 years. He has received awards and commissions, and sold and installed literally hundreds of drawings, watercolors, lithographs, etchings, serigraphs, acrylics and bronze sculptures.

Warren states, “I take a piece of nature, a rock and change it, then balance it with other forms and cast into bronze. I have a glorious life as an artist and live fully and completely with my work and share that love with collectors, friends and family.”