Elodie-HolmesElodie Holmes is the founder and owner of Liquid Light Glass established in 1986. The unique glass of Elodie Holmes is hand- sculpted using traditional techniques of glass blowing, sculpting molten glass with special tools, flame work, cutting, polishing and etching.

Through these various processes, Elodie creates fine glass art such as sculptures, vases, bowls, platters, paperweights and ornaments. Elodie has developed her most recognizable art or signature line by combining her flame-working techniques with off-hand glass blowing. She applies individually flame worked figures onto molten glass, then carefully blows and shapes the glass into its final form. The figures expand with the blowing process, much like letters do on a balloon.

In her oversized sculpture series, Elodie utilizes a team of glass blowing assistants. She coordinates the team to assist her through the process of creating these large pieces much like a choreographed dance. By using a selection of special tools and torches, she blows and sculpts these forms into delightful pieces of art.

Elodie still works out of her main studio, Liquid Light Glass and generously extends an open invitation to all those interested in visiting her studio, where they can watch her create her glass art or take glass-making classes.

Her work is available in galleries and museums both nationally and internationally.