Originally these Bears were the inspiration formed through a vision of Martin Silverwolf, a contemporary mythmaker and artist.

“In the old days, if your vision involved the good of the community, it was described and enacted so that it would be remembered and passed on through oral tradition. I saw that essential art could do the same thing.”

– Martin Silverwolf

Every piece that is now carved by Jade Suchness is an original work of art, finished to the highest standards, creating an enduring beauty that will last for generations to come. Jaime carries on the tradition of bear carving as it has been passed down; it has always been a form through which to remember and honor the Grandfathers and Grandmothers. The bears are carved out of fallen wood only, so that no trees are harmed. The bears are considered as empowered with peace and healing properties. Its inner spirit will reflect back the respect, caring attention and appreciation that is lavished upon it. They are thought to fill any surroundings with beauty and harmony.