Hilario GutierrezAs an Arizona native, Hilario Gutierrez possess an innate awareness of the quiet struggle and fragile balance of the Sonoran Desert. Hilario’s abstract style expresses the harmony in the desert’s chaotic emotion of line, color and form. Emotion is the soul of his work inspired by the natural and man-made architecture of the landscape of Arizona. Hilario Gutierrez use a diversity of subjective and non-subjective images combined with distinctive surfaces and shapes to explore the internal life of his art. Hilario’s explorations draw you in and allow you to wonder, remember, and awaken. He believes that the eye can touch an image and reveal sensation. Hilario creates conjoined colors; so, like a prism, there is no separation of one color to the next. Thus, Hilario’s work evokes a different emotion depending on one’s nearness to the canvas.

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