David_RoyceDavid lives in Minnesota where he also began his glass-blowing career at the age of 15, when he worked as an apprentice for Tom Rine and Thomas Maras. He attended Anoka Ransey Community College, where he studied glass blowing for three semesters.

Furthering his studies, Royce attended the University of River Falls in Wisconsin, with the intention of earning a bachelor’s degree of Fine Arts in glass, however, his direction changed during his sophomore year while on a glassmaking study abroad program in Taiwan. This experience broadened his horizons, and when he returned to the United States, he decided to take time away from Glassblowing and began studying child psychology and both Chinese language and literature.

After time away from his true calling, Royce returned to glass making and even began teaching.

Royce’s work stretches from one-of-a-kind sculptural work featuring individual objects up to 8 feet tall utilizing a variety of techniques and disciplines including both hot and cold glass work as well as cast bronze and steel armatures to hand-blown production and cold worked vessels and lighting fixtures. Royce features simple forms that set the stage for a combination of contrasting techniques. The vessels have a sandblasted surface with a luminous semi-transparent look, contrasted with sections of opaque colored glass in organic, asymmetrical patterns. In some of his pieces, he includes hand-carved sections as well.