Belgin-YucelenSculpting is a way to communicate for me, a way to record my emotions. It provides an imagery where I can present my ideas and beliefs. I would like to see my work as a philosophical journey through the essential elements of life. Sculpting is an act of giving for me.

The human figure is the main source of my work. For me, sculpting is the aesthetic appreciation of beauty. But beauty can be formed out of ugliness as long as it is presented poetically.

To me art is beautiful if it is simple and quiet. I sculpt ideas without details that obscure the art’s imaginary attributes; one must leave room for interpretation.

When it is time for the realization of an idea, I start sculpting. There is always a call, but the result is unknown even though I know why I am making it.

Creating is exhausting, but it is rewarding. Clay is responsive but hand has its own dreams. When I see my idea born together with some magic I stop.

Printing helps me convey my ideas in an immediate fashion. Yet, the results can be mysterious and surprising.